Interested in a piercing? On this page you can find all you need to know about pricing and ages, as well as viewing previous piercings in our gallery.

Piercing ages:

Age 13: Ear Lobes

Ages 14 and Over: Ear Lobes, Basic Cartilage, Navel and Nostril

Ages 15 and Over: Ears, All Cartilage, Nostril, Navel, and Eyebrow

Ages 16-17 and Over: Ears, All Cartilage, Nostril, Navel, Lip, and Septum

18 and over: Pierce whatever you want!

If receiving a piercing under age, please bring a parent or legal guardian with you to the shop. Your parent or legal guardian MUST stay in the building while you are receiving the piercing. We will also need the following identification for any under age piercings:

1. Picture ID of person receiving piercing. (School ID, Library Card, etc.)
2. Proof of age of person receiving piercing. (License, Permit, State ID, Birth Certificate, Passport)
3. Picture ID of person giving permission for underage piercing. If last names and address do not match, we will need your Birth Certificate.

Piercing Prices

Eyebrow– $25
Belly Button– $25
Nose– $25
Septum – $30
Nipples – $30 Each

Ear (Lobe, Helix, Cartlige) – $25
Ear (Anti- Tragus, Conch, Daith, Orbital, Rook, Snug,Tragus, Tranverse Lobe) – $30
Ear (Industrial) – $40

Oral (Lower Lip, Labret, Madonna,Medusa, Monroe, Smiley, Vertical Labret, Tongue) – $30
Dermal – $40 Each
Dermal Removal – $20 Each
Genitals Female – $50+
Genitals Male – $50+

*All prices include starter jewelry.